The Brussels Musician's Meet-Up is a Fun & Social Musical Event organized once / month

The essential component of this event is to Meet New People and Share Our Music Live.

Is it free ?

The event is free and open to all musicians/singers and music lovers.
We do ask though that members pay the small annual subscription of € 10,00 to help us cover administration costs.

When is it ?

Generally the 3rd Thursday in every month, but this is confirmed each month on the website.

What time does it start and how long does it last ?

We aim to start at 19:45 and finish between 11pm to 12pm

How many songs can each group/person play ?

So that everyone gets a chance to play, each act can play TWO songs ( or maximum 10 minutes total ).
Very occasionally, at the end of the meetup we have a short jam session.

What do you provide ?

Currently we can provide the following :

• Microphones

• Acoustic Guitar

• Drums Set (MAPEX)

• Keyboard (YAMAHA CS2x)

• Amplifiers (Guitar and Bass)

• Sound engineer

In most cases, musicians bring their own instruments.

Can we promote our group here ?

Every performance is recorded on video and uploaded on our YouTube channel (if you're not satisfied with your performance, just tell us & we won't).

Is there anything else we should know ?

Well Myles, Chris, Colin & Tony really love beer and will very rarely refuse one if bought for them !

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